SPA Beauty Couch Azzurro

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A new cosmetic couch. An absolute hit among loungers. Electric height adjustment in a very wide range – from 58 to 85 cm. The backrest is also adjustable with a remote control, from a horizontal position to almost vertical (it rises to 80 degrees). In the back there is a hole with one insert – quite filling. Possibility of sliding to the side or complete disassembly of the side parts of the backrest. In the lower part, under the backrest, there is a drawer for handy accessories. A wide piece of furniture (76 cm), with a thick, heated and very comfortable mattress. The couch is very stable. It has a cover made of high-quality eco-leather.
The couch has a LED backlight in the lower part, with different shades (color changes with the remote control)
Length: 200 cm
Width: 76 cm
Max height: 84cm
Minimum height: 58cm
Backrest length 76 cm
Remote control adjustment: height and inclination of the backrest


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