Eyelash Extension Micropore Tape 3m

3M Micropore Tape. 12mm shown. Soft, flexible, easy to use and holds glue drops without...
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Flat Training Head

Flat Training Head To practice facial massage techniques, for practicing eyelash extension, makeup, for face...

Vacuum Container for Eyelash Glue

Vacuum Container for Eyelash Glue Product?s details: Glue holder with strong design, providing desiccant. The cap...
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Thread for Depilation of Eyebrows

Thread for Eyebrows 1pcs Threading is a natural method of facial hair removal and eyebrow regulation...

Eyelash Extension Disposable Micro Fibre Applicators 100pcs

Patented design with bendable neck facilitates the placement of materials in hard to reach areas....
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Cotton Silver Pure Cotton Wool 1000g

Cotton Silver Pure Cotton Coil 100g 100% Cotton Wool 100% Cotton Wool Hypoallergenic Bleached with Hydrogen peroxide Does not...

Glue Ring for Eyelash Extension Application x100pcs


Glue Ring for Eyelash Extension Application

Disposable glue ring is perfect for use during the...

Eyelash Extension Eye Pads Gel 10pcs

Eyelash Extension Eye Pads Gel 10pcs Ultra-thin, fiber-free and very flexible. Your clients will love these and...
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Eyelash Blower

Made of rubber - safe,natural and environmentally friendly and non-toxic Air blower is used...
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QBS Lash Shields Large

Provides semi-permanent lash lift with a healthier option to eyelash extensions Promotes health and...

Eyelash Remover Cream

Cream Remover for Volume Lash Extensions. Cream that Safely removes the glue of Volume...