ISO Izoxis 2 in 1 Desk Lamp

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  • ADJUSTABLE, BROKEN BOOM – the lamp allows you to direct the luminous flux to suit your needs. Thanks to the arms screwed on the butterflies, the lamp will be fixed in exactly the position in which you set it . Perfect for work, study or reading.
  • MOUNTING ON A CLAMP OR BASE – this extremely practical lamp is equipped with a strong clamp that can be fixed in a place of your choice, e.g. on an inclined drafting desk . Thanks to the stand, it can also function as a regular desk lamp!
  • 3 COLORS OF LIGHT – the lamp has 3 colors of light, between which you can easily switch using the controller placed on the cable . You can choose from: warm, cool and neutral color.
  • LED LIGHTING INTENSITY ADJUSTMENT – the lamp has adjustable light intensity. You can change up to 10 power levels. Energy-saving LEDs are built into the light panel.
  • SPECIFICATION – black colour; material: metal/plastic; number of LEDs: 80; number of lighting levels: 10; number of light colors: 3; light source: LEDs 4000k; adjustment: 360 / 220 / 270 degrees; power supply: mains; plug: USB; power: 5.6W; voltage: 230V; cable length: 120cm; number of lumens: 400 illuminating panel length: 37 cm; dimensions: each arm 37 cm, base diameter: 15.5 cm; weight: 1.35 kg; weight in the package: 1.60 kg. Kat G

    • color: black
    • material: metal/plastic
    • LED quantity: 80
    • number of lighting levels : 10
    • number of colors of light: 3
    • light source: 4000k LEDs
    • regulation: 360 / 220 / 270 degrees
    • power supply: network
    • plug: USB
    • power: 5.6W
    • voltage: 230V
    • cable length: 120 cm
    • number of lumens: 400
    • luminous panel length: 37 cm
    • dimensions: each arm 37 cm
    • base diameter: 15.5 cm
    • weight: 1.35 kg
    • weight in the package: 1.6 kg
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    The LED desk lamp will change any interior! Made of the highest quality materials, it is ideal for working at the computer, doing homework or reading books. It will fulfill its task both in the office and at home. In addition, the lamp has a special clamp or base that will ensure the best stability and grip.