Face Visors



Face Visors

  • Face visors – protection for your eyes and face against bodily fluids, flying debris, splashes and aerosols.
  • The ingenious design ?one size fits all?, transparent to the user, is so clever, that you don?t realise you are wearing it!
  • The Face visors crystal clear shield protects your eyes and face so perfectly that it quickly reaches the wearer?s body temperature preventing fogging or misting.
  • The optical quality polycarbonate Face plastic visors is made lightweight so it can be integrated with the most attractive and comfortable colour coded visor.
  • Use one of the multiple colour coded visors for easy identification for users or specific procedures ? alternatively issue one colour per list or case to help reduce cross infection.

These visors really are the good looking way to protect staff from harmful and potentially hazardous debris and splashes

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