Phytoceane Active Contouring Body Wrap 5kg

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Professional product only: 5 kg bucket
Filtering powder
100 % from natural origin powder, no preservatives or synthetic dyes
WHITE CLAY from Sardinia: promotes detoxification
PINK PEPPERCORN OIL: – limits the formation of fat cells (adipogenesis)*
– limits fat storage (lipogenesis) and promotes fat elimination (lipolysis)*
PALMARIA PALMATA: stimulates microcirculation and promotes drainage
LAMINARIA DIGITATA: activates lipolysis (elimination of fat and toxins)
LITHOTHAMNIUM CALCAREUM (marine calcium): remineralizing, helps strengthen skin cohesion for firmer
Mix 200 – 250 g of powder with 350 – 400 ml of hot water to obtain a semi-liquid texture. Apply a thick layer
of the mixture to the entire body and wrap in a plastic film and a heating blanket. Leave on for 15 to 20
minutes. Have client rinse in shower.
This product is not recommended for people allergic to iodine. This product is for professional use only and to be used by Hair, Beauty students or qualified person. Please contact us directly by phone 21820112 or email for further information.



PHYTOCÉANE enhances its originality and advances in technology. Enriched with new precious extracts: GEMS OF THE SEA Rare and protected algae grown in our laboratory Gems cultivated in photobioreactors by innovative cultivation processes specific to PHYTOCÉANE “Sustainable” extracts which have high-performance cosmetic properties and are respectful of environment. Cosmetic performance test conducted for each extract Each extract is symbolized by a precious stone, linked to its color To date: RubiMarin™, AquaSaphir RubiMarin : Jania Rubens extract cultivated in the laboratory, having contouring action AquaSaphir : blue microalgae extract cultivated in the laboratory, having anti-inflammatory and anti-aging actions