Froika Suncare Cream SPF 50+ 50ml


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Highest Photoprotection / Very Fair Phototypes
Froika Sun Care SPF 50+ products provide Highest Photoprotection for daily use under extreme sunlight conditions (mountain, sea sports) throughout the year and in particular the sensitive areas as nose, ears.
Highly recommended to be used for scars and burns protection.
It is Paraben Free and recommended for allergic hyper – reactive to the sun skins.

Available in creamy, emulsion, spray and milky forms as per below

Froika Suncare Cream SPF 50+ ? normal & dry skins
Froika Suncare Emulsion SPF 50+ ? normal, combination and oily skin
Froika Suncare Spray SPF 50+ ? very high photoprotection- easy appication
Froika Suncare Milk SPF 50+ ? very high photoprotection for the body
Recommended to protect babies or young children from long sun exposition.
Avoid excessive sun exposure as it is harmful to your health

SKIN TYPES: Very Fair Phototypes, Hypersensitive, Sun Intolerant