Phytoceane Absolute youth Antiocydante Cream 50ml


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Phytoceane Absolute youth Antiocydante Cream 50ml

Thanks to the action of the blue microalgue, this antioxidant cream helps neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals while preserving the youthfulness of the skin. Developed to help battle the damaging effects of modern lifestyles (stress, pollution, smoking, lack of sleep, etc.) this non-oily cream protects against harsh environmental factors while allowing your skin to breathe. After use your complexion appears more radiant and your skin is better protected.

Jania Rubens: ultra- moisturizing, remineralizing

Phormidium: anti-free radical

Seawater concentrate: antioxidant

Salicornia: moisturizing

French lavender: smoothing

Shea butter: renewing, nourrishing. This product is for professional use only and to be used by Hair, Beauty students or qualified person. Please contact us directly by phone 21820112 or email for further information.