Phytoceane Naturoscrub Deep Cleansing Mask 100ml

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Phytoceane Naturoscrub Deep Cleansing Mask 100ml

Exfoliates dead cells and impurities
Absorbs sebaceous secretions
Brightens the complexion
Moisturizes. Ingredients: JANIA RUBENS : moisturizing, remineralizing
LAMINARIA DIGITATA : sebo-regulating
KAOLIN : absorbent, astringent
GUAVA : moisturizing
BAMBOO : regenerating, exfoliating. Directions for use: Apply with a brush in a medium layer, leave for 5 to 10 minutes, then remove with effleurage movements. This product is for professional use only and to be used by Hair, Beauty students or qualified person. Please contact us directly by phone 21820112 or email for further information.