Phytoceane Spa Emeraude Spicy Essence 50ml

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Micro-emulsion texture
Energizing fragrance
Brings radiance to the complexion INGREDIENTS
CARDAMOM: stimulating and toning; radiance-boosting effect
NUTMEG: toning and energizing; helps combat fatigue
Mix ½ pipette of Spa Emeraude Essence with the Massage Balm, the Smoothing Incan Scultpting Gel and
Naturoplast Toning Mask. This product is for professional use only and to be used by Hair, Beauty students or qualified person. Please contact us directly by phone 21820112 or email for further information.



Our Inspiration

Phytoceane is the spirit of escape and discovery.

Put to work for Natural and Effective cosmetics

A professional cosmetic brand that uses natural ingredients derived from the world’s most beautiful seas. SPA Treatments - Sensorial and effective face and body treatments and stunning, ultra-relaxing massages. Professional products - An affordable and reliable brand, that supports its clients, daily.

Natural Ingredients

Prioritize the use of ingredients from NATURAL origin and ORGANIC ingredients, paraben-free. NATURALLY effective ingredients, ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTION Use of renewable energy; a filtration garden decontaminates and treats waste water.

Strong Values

PHYTOCÉANE has maintained strong values since the brand was created:
  • A marine brand: marine ingredients from the sea or seashore, with vegetal coral as the emblem
  • A pure brand with a natural identity: natural ingredients at the heart of every products, development of algae farming in the laboratory
  • Products whose primary aim is effectiveness: products are tested by specialized laboratories
  • A professional brand with an exclusive and specific method the Océathermie Method
  • An holistic approach dedicated to well-being and relaxation.
PHYTOCÉANE enhances its originality and advances in technology. Enriched with new precious extracts: GEMS OF THE SEA
  • Rare and protected algae grown in our laboratory
  • Gems cultivated in photobioreactors by innovative cultivation processes specific to PHYTOCÉANE
  • “Sustainable” extracts which have high-performance cosmetic properties and are respectful of environment.
  • Cosmetic performance test conducted for each extract
  • Each extract is symbolized by a precious stone, linked to its color
  • To date: RubiMarin™, AquaSaphir
RubiMarin: Jania Rubens extract cultivated in the laboratory, having contouring action AquaSaphir: blue microalgae extract cultivated in the laboratory, having anti-inflammatory and anti-aging actions.