Phytoceane Naturoplast Tonning Marine Facial Mask 500g

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Phytoceane Naturoplast Tonning Marine Facial Mask 500g

Professional product only: 500g bucket
Specific facial mask
Plasticizer mask of natural origin
Occlusive effect: increases the active ingredients penetration
Immediate tensing effect
Detoxifying: removes impurities and pollutants
Improves the quality of the epidermis
JANIA RUBENS: ultra-moisturizing, remineralizing
ALGINATES: moisturizing, jelling
GYPSUM: a natural source of calcium; increases cellular cohesion, improves cellular respiration and
complexion radiance, reinforces skin firmness
BENTONITE CLAY: depolluting, cleansing (eliminates pesticides, cigarette smoke)
BUCKWHEAT: encourages exchanges by improving the blood’s microcirculation
Put 3 level doses of powder in a bowl. Mix vigorously with 4 doses of warm water at 20°C to obtain a smooth
and even paste. Apply the mask mixture rapidly to face and neck. Leave on for 15 minutes, then peel off the mask in a single piece. This product is for professional use only and to be used by Hair, Beauty students or qualified person. Please contact us directly by phone 21820112 or email for further information.