Postquam Face lifting Complex (12 vials x 3ml)


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It accelerates the restoration processes of the skin, increasing the muscular tone and avoiding the premature aging. It contains amniotic liquid (main responsible for the lifting effect), extracts of centella asiatica and ivi ( they combat flaccidity and lowering of the skin), elating and collagen (there high concentration in amion acids, contributes to cellular regeneration and real firms the skin). Way of use: Make a lifting treatment applying a part of the vial before the mask and the rest to cone the treatment.
The vial must be spread on face and neck. We recommend to apply the reaffirming treatment in a habitual way on mature skins. The vials must be spread on the face and the neck.
We recommended to apply the reaffirming treatment in ahbtal way on the mature skins. Accelerates the restoration process of the connective tissues and epidermis, increasing muscle tone and prevent premature aging.
Active principles: РAmniotic fluid: its high protein content has a tightening effect Рsin lah: stimulates cell growth and prevents aging РExtract of ivy: it has decongestant action and regulates circulation РCollagen: provides an acceleration of the processes of restoration of connective tissues and the epidermis, providing  to the tissues of the skin a nd maintains its firm structure РElastin: provides elasticity and tone to the skin



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