Peroxill 200 Disinfectant Powder 1000gr.


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Peroxill 200 Disinfectant Powder 1000gr.

Cold sterilization chemical – Class IIa Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC card Technical 01 – 09 – 2006

100 g of powder contain: Component g Sodium perborate > 40,00 active substances TAED (tetraacetiletilendiammina) > 20,00 anion other ingredients Organic Acid, surfactant, stabilising and Corrosion Inhibitor To 100.00

Rapid biocide compound powder.

The active solution is blue colored.

Mechanism of action: the peracetic acid (active oxygen), which is the active agent of peroxill 2000, acts on lipidic membranes, DNA, and other components essential to the life of the cell. Baldry and Fraser (S. S. BLOCK 4 edition P. 176) declare that the peracetic acid (active oxygen), stops the chemiosmotic function of the membrane cytoplasmatic lipoprotein and transport within the cell, through a shift or breaking of the cell wall.

To be diluted 20 gr. in one liter of warm water to obtain a sterilizing solution.

To be diluted 10 gr. in a liter of warm water to obtain a disinfectant and decontaminant solution.

Stability up to 72 hours.

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