MBA Nail Course Kit – NC-01-21

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MBA Nail Course Kit – NC-01-21

MYSTIC NAILS Nail Prep (removes all natural oils use before Primer for the best adhesion) 10ml
MYSTIC NAILS Primer (3 in 1 pH balancer, prepared the natural nails for acrylic & UV Gel) 10ml
MYSTIC NAILS Soak-off Base and Top Gel (2 in 1 base gel polish) 12ml
MYSTIC NAILS Soak-off Gel Polish – 12ml
MYSTIC NAILS Gel Cleanser – 125ml
MYSTIC NAILS Silky Clear Gel (3- phase Base Gel) 15ml
MYSTIC NAILS Delux Gel Clear 15ml
Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper
Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher
Gel Brush
Tip Cutter
Half Moon Nail File 100/180 (2 pieces)
Half Moon Nail File 180/240 (2 pieces)
Half Moon Nail File 80/80 (2 pieces)
Nail tip glue with brush – 7.5g
Lint Free Nail Wipes 100 pieces
Nail tips Box – Large Qty 250
Block Buffer White
Block Buffer Violet
UV/Led Nail Lamp 48W

Beginner GEL Course 

  • Duration: approx 20 hrs (8 lessons)
  • Course Code: NC-01-21

What will the course involve? You will cover the range of essential practical skills and knowledge which will help you get a job in the nail industry or go on further training.

This course requires to have a full size Nail Kit. That needs to be purchased.



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