AC Thread for Depilation of Eyebrows 10pcs



Threading is a natural method of facial hair removal and eyebrow regulation with a professional, 100% cotton thread.
Revolutionary, fast, considered to be one of the gentle, least painful methods of hair removal. Threading is becoming more and more popular as an elegant, stylish, fashionable regimen of face and body care for both women and men!
Vanity no. 40
– a specialized thread for removing hair from the face and other surfaces of the body
– made of the highest quality cotton
– the spool contains 300m of thread
– antibacterial, which protects the skin against all kinds of allergies or infections
– flexible, resistant to pressure during the treatment
– uniform structure makes it smoothly glides over the skin surface
– each pink spool, also individually packed in a separate box
– the package contains 10 rolls