Skintruth Pedi Foot Starter Kit


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Skintruth Pedicure Starter Kit content:

  1. Pedi Foot Soak
  2. Pre Pedi Hygiene Spray
  3. Foot Scrub
  4. Foot Masque
  5. Foot and Leg Lotion
  6. Pedi Revitalising Spray

10 step pedicure treatment

Pamper tired feet using the Skintruth® Pedicure system.

Blending essential oils, plant extracts, and Tea Tree Oil this range will soothe, cool and revitalize feet. Follow our Pedi Treatment to give the ultimate relaxation treatment leaving feet revitalized and brought back to life.

Step 1

Spray both feet with Skintruth® Hygiene Spray.

Step 2

Starting with the left foot, remove nail polish and surface grease/grime with Skintruth® Oily Nail Polish Remover, Acetone or Non-Acetone.

Step 3

Cut nails to shape if required and file nails with a dark side of an emery board.

Step 4

Apply Skintruth® Cuticle Massage Cream to each toe.

Step 5

Place foot in warm water with Skintruth® Foot Soak or Non-Foaming Foot Soak to soak. Repeat the first five steps on the right foot.

Step 6

Remove left foot from water, dry, and apply Skintruth® Foot Scrub if required. Massage foot, toes, cuticles, and if required knees. Rinse off with warm water.

Step 7

Apply Skintruth® Creamy Cuticle Remover to each toe, gently push back the cuticle and remove any dead skin with a cotton-wool covered manicure stick. Repeat steps 6 and 7 on the right foot.

Step 8

Apply Skintruth® Foot and Leg Lotion and massage both feet and lower legs. As an alternative, Skintruth® Foot Masque can be applied at this stage and the residue used to massage the feet.

Step 9

Wipe down each nail with warm water.

Step 10

Ensure each nail is clean by wiping with Skintruth® Acetone, Non-Acetone or Oily Nail Polish Remover to remove any oil from the nail plate. And finish with Pedi revitalizing Spray