AC Nail Polish Acrylic 3 Row Tray


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The nail polish display?can be used both in a professional beauty salon and at home.?It allows you to present the colors of varnishes in?a simple and effective?way, and additionally, it is easy to organize them.?The transparent material?from which the organizer is made makes it easier to find a specific color and allows you to quickly check the condition of the varnishes.

The professional look?makes the varnishes look neat, and the way the stand is designed allows you to?save space on the table?.?Thanks to the clear, simple design, the container will fit into almost any room.?It works well with both classic and hybrid varnishes.?It can also be used to store other cosmetic products or jewelry.

The stand has?3 shelves?with a protected edge, thanks to which it can easily accommodate up to 24 hybrid polishes.?It can also be arranged in such a way that it is distinguished by 3 deeper shelves and one shallower, thanks to which it can fit up to 36 polishes!?The material it is made of is?easy to clean?, just use mild soap and water.?The functional organizer is ready to use after folding.?The set includes the screws needed to assemble the stand.

Display dimensions: 30?12.5?12 cm

Dimensions of the shelves: 18.5?3.5?4.3 cm

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