Sugar Paste Extrastrong

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Sugar Paste Extra Strong 500ml

100% NATURAL Sugar Paste Extra Strong Watersoluble

DEPILIA SUGAR PASTE wax, ideal for all skin types, is a product with emollient and hydrating properties with a natural composition rich in high-quality active ingredients.

Designed to remove unwanted hair, it acts in depth, respecting the delicate skin hydrolipidic balance.

Instructions for use

DEPILIA SUGAR PASTE must be applied against the direction of the hair and pulled in the order of hair growth by allowing the sugar paste to wrap the hair at the base, even capturing the shortest. 
Remove any wax residue with water.

It’s recommended to use Pre Wax Spray before. The Pre wax Spray Prep & Cleanser Nourishes and moisturizes the skin post-wax.
Antiseptic and antioxidant properties. Helps to calm and soothe the skin following hair removal





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