Osmo X.Posed Gift Pack 2022



Natural Daily Osmo Hair Care X. Posed Gift Pack 2022 Content:

X.Posed Daily Hair Care Shampoo 400ml -  A gentle yet influential daily cleansing shampoo with a refreshing citrus fragrance.

It is infused with extracts of Basil, Thyme, and Mandarin. Formulated to help stimulate and refresh the scalp while promoting shine and vitality.

 Hair is left feeling energized day after day.

Vegan Friendly.
  • Formulated with 91% naturally derived ingredients.
  • Sulfate and Paraben Free.
  • PH: 4.8 to 6.8
X.Posed Daily Conditioner 400ml -new to Hair Care Gift Pack 2022  With its vegan-friendly, lightweight formula, this hydrating conditioner is infused with Basil, Thyme, and Mandarin.

It contains the perfect blend of ingredients to effectively moisturize the hair with every use without weighing it down.

Leaves hair feeling refreshed, nourished, and more manageable.

Vegan Friendly.
  • 97% naturally derived ingredients.
  • Sulfate and Paraben Free.
  • PH: 3.0 to 5.0
X.Posed Anti Humidity Spray 250ml - New to Hair Care Gift Pack 2022  A unique anti-humidity spray that coats the hair with an invisible, water-resistant shield to help fight the battle against frizz.

Formulated with a blend of Avocado Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, and Aloe Vera

This lightweight styling treatment helps strengthen and seal each hair strand, promoting elasticity and suppleness for smoother, healthier, and shinier results.
  • 84% Naturally Derived Ingredients
  • Sulphate & Paraben Free