Osmo Golden Luxury Gift Pack


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Osmo Golden Luxury Gift Pack

A luxurious Argan Oil infused range designs to add touch of luxury your hair care regime. The unique formulations breathe new life into tire, dull lifeless locks. Hair is reborn to optimum vitality and show stopping condition.

  • 1 x Berber Oil Shampoo
  • 1 x Berber Oil Conditioner
  • 1 x Berber Oil Hair Treatment 100ml

Berber Oil Shampoo

The shampoo socialite… Expect the VIP treatment

. A mild rejuvenating cleanser
. Delivers enhanced radiance and intense shine
. Moisturises and hydrates
. Aids in the replacement of vital proteins and essential nutrients
. A unique blend of oils combined with panthenol to help strengthen and repair

Berber Oil Shampoo Conditioning Mask

Rescue remedy….not just for the morning after

. A unique combination of oils including Argan, Avocado and Olive.
. Replenishes elasticity and bounce
. Leaves hair smooth and silky ease of styling
. Use individually for an indulgent experience or in collaboration with Berber Oil Shampoo for outstanding results
. It helps strengthen and repair even the most fragile locks.

Berber Oil Hair Treatment

Hair rehab keeps with the program

Unique hair treatment oil with Argan oil helps to restore hair to the pristine condition of
. Nourishing hair treatment to help replenish and strengthen hair for noticeable results. The unique blend of oils contains Argan Oil which is am powerful antioxidants intense nourishment to dry and damaged hair
. The formula is rich in Vitamin E was specially created to reduce drying time
. Contains UV filters for protection against sun damage and heat styling




Osmo Hair Care products

Osmo is a UK-based professional hair care and styling collection. All Osmo hair care products use cutting edge technology and their products offer advanced, funky and inspiring care and styling products. Whatever your hair type you are able to manipulate, mould, texturise, define and fix the look that’s right for you. Each and every OSMO product comes completely with irresistible fragrances and offers customers something unique and different.
So whether your style is controversial, foxy, wild, natural, or whatever you want to achieve, Osmo has the ammunition for you to create it!
Definitely OSMO UK gives you the power. As one of the professional hair industry's biggest success stories. OSMO has grown from modest beginnings with a cult following into a respected and trusted global brand.

Inspire and Define

Create and manipulate. Whilst working with the industries leading stylists OSMO has created iconic must-have products. While at the same time continuously reinventing their inventions and adding new, and therefor more technologically advanced products to each line. They have obsessively formulated, most importantly developed, and slaved over a comprehensive range of over 50 inspirational hair care and styling products.

A Unique Style Leader

No follower of fashion, OSMO hair care products set's the trends. With a focus on pushing creative boundaries and developing cutting edge products has allowed the brand to evolve and adapt. Without doubt OSMO's high performance products create a visual statement and add another dimension to any retail or salon space. The attractive and striking packaging coupled with unique formulations, allows OSMO stylists and addicts to let their imagination and creativity run free.

Osmo Hair Product Resellers

  1. HS Barber Shop – St Julian’s
  2. Mando Barber Shop – St Julian’s
  3. Scissors and Razors – Sliema
  4. Lancet Salon – Valletta
  5. Inter Continental Hotel – Paceville
  6. Barber Boffa – St Julian’s
  7. TCB Barber – Gzira
  8. Time for you – Sliema
  9. London Academy – St Julian’s
  10. 01 Barber – Gzira


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