Osmo Extreme Xfirm Glue Spray 250ml



Osmo Extreme Xfirm Glue Spray 250ml

Osmo Extreme Xfirm Glue Spray?is a?great, ultra strong hairspray.?This fantastic hair spray is suitable for all hair types.?Osmo Extreme Xfirm Glue Sprayprovides and look that lasts throughout the day.

Osmo Extreme Xfirm Glue Spray?has a?special formula?that the spray dries quickly. This?delicious hairspray?does not stick and has a wonderful fragrance.?Osmo Extreme Xfirm Glue Spray?is very economical to use.


  • Spray?Osmo Extreme Xfirm Glue Spray?on damp hair.
  • Then dry the hair dryer to create that you have in mind the hairstyle.
  • You can get some extra spray at the points where you need extra support.


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Weight 250 kg



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