Postquam Straightening Mousse 300ml


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STYLING MOUSSE. Specially formulated with conditioning agents to keep hair manageable. It shapes and adds shine and softness, without leaving hair greasy. Available in various holding strengths.

SMOOTHING MOUSSE. Throught its formula, it adds body and volume, while keeping hair soft and shiny. It protects against hair-dryer and styling plate drynes and keeps hair smooth for longer.

MOUSSE FOR CURLY HAIR. Provides hold and volume, while strengthening and defining cuts. Available in various holdi ng strengths. 0 Shake the bottle and use with the opening pointing downwards. PRECAUTIONS: Pressurized container. Protect from the sun and do not expose it to temperature above 50ÂșC. Do not pierce or burn, even afer use . Do not spray over flame ori ncandescent body. Keep it away from any ignition source. Do not smoke. Keep away from children.Very inflammable.



PostQuam Cosmetic manufactures and markets cosmetic products for the professional beauty industry, as well as accessories, appliances, furniture, etc. In short, we are a global supplier of hairdressing and beauty centres.

PostQuam, created in Valladolid (Spain) in 1982, has been characterized from the outset for offering professionals quality products at the best price, sold directly from the Factory, without intermediaries, allowing us to compete with the best prices and take maximum care of quality.


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