Designed to thicken your Violet Lightening Powder formulation, it?s the perfect solution for all freehand, open air techniques. No need for foils, meche or film. Formulated with the mineral Kaolin to help enable the hair to remain encapsulated and wet throughout the lifting process. Prevents the bleach from swelling ? no bleed/seepage, and the product will not dry out or flake as a result. The perfect lightener for all balayage enthusiasts.

Premium Violet Lightening Powder with Bond Builder Delivers 9+ levels of lift, with special violet pigments to help neutralise unwanted brassy tones so often associated with the lightening process. For use both on and off the scalp. Use alone for superior results or combined with NEW OSMO IKON Freehand Clay Additive for all open air techniques.

Osmo Ikon Blonde Elevation

Introducing a collection of vegan friendly lightening solutions to suit all client requirements.

Created after listening to customer demands and what they feel is missing in the marketplace, leading professional haircare specialist, OSMO? announce the exciting launch of its Blonde Elevation range within its colour portfolio.

The Blonde Elevation range can create a bespoke blonde colour service for clients regardless of their individual hair demands and needs. The colourist can create a quick solution and get excellent results, which is perfect for saving time in busy salons. Perfect for All Blondes Whether you?re looking for platinum blondes, multi-tonal blondes for light/darker tones, or working with foils, freehand open-air techniques, or balayage, it?s perfect for all blondes. The Blonde Elevation Freehand Clay Additive with Kaolin Clay has been formulated to enable the hair to remain encapsulated and wet throughout the lifting process, so it?s particularly ideal for balayage enthusiasts.

The new Blonde Elevation collection includes; Premium Violet Lightening Powder with Bond Builder, Freehand Clay Additive with Kaolin Clay, the Colour Additive Starter Kit, and Colour Additives in Blue, Green, Red and Violet to help counteract brassy tones.


Osmo Ikon

OSMO Ikon permanent hair colours exclusive Micro-Connective Technology with Sunflower Seed Extract guarantees consistently perfect results at every stage of the colouring process, while multiple shade options allow creativity and versatility.


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