Ocea pur (Oily)


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Phytoceane Cleansing Moisturizing Milk.

The Cleansing Moisturizing Milk thoroughly removes impurities and makeup. With a light, fluid texture, it rinses easily with water, leaving the skin clean, supple and velvety soft. Jania rubens and plant oils help cleanse, moisturize and soften the skin. Regain skin’s radiance with Phytoceane Cleansing Moisturizing Milk.


Phytoceane Invigorating Cleansing Lotion

This alcohol-free, 2-in-1 toner gently removes makeup from the eyes and lips and tones the skin. The skin is completely cleansed and moisturized.Epidermis is refreshed and toned and skin is soft and soothed.
Gentle enough for even sensitive skin! DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply to entire face with a cotton pad, then dry.


  • Jania rubens: ultra moisturizing and cleansing
  • Rose extract: softening, soothing, purifying


Phytoceane Facial Scrub with Vegetal Coral

Thanks to a mechanical action, the Vegetal Coral Facial Scrub eliminates dead cells and impurities with gentleness. It refines the texture of the skin with its microbeads and combination of vegetal coral powder and apricot kernel powder. The skin is softer and the complexion more radiant.


Once or twice a week apply a thin layer on face and neck avoiding eye contour. Allow to soften the skin for a few minutes. Massage in with circular movements. Rinse and tone.


Key Ingredients: Jania Rubens,​ Diatomeceous Earth,​ Lithotamnium Calcareum Powder,​ Apricot Kernal Powder.

Phytoceane Hydra-Balancing Cream Zero Blemish

Exposed every day to the pollution and stress of modern life, skin suffocates and little blemishes begin to appear.

Exposed every day to the pollution and stress of modern life, skin suffocates and little blemishes begin to appear. Hydra-Balancing Cream helps to restore skin’s balance and perfectly hydrates the epidermis, helping to promote blemish free skin. Your face is cleaner and regains its clarity. Your skin can finally breathe again!

  • Jania Rubens:  ultra-moisturizing, remineralizing
  • Sea-Buckthorn Oil from Lapland:  helps prevent the appearance of blemishes thanks to its rich antioxidant content,
  • Cinnamon from Ceylan: purifying
  • Hazelnut oil: helps to control sebum production


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