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Profskin Cellucure Reducing Cream 500ml

The thermal massage cream is specifically designed to cure cellulite in affected areas. It is a soft cream that is easy to use. It performs its major function thanks to the balanced use of natural substances. This massage cream for the cosmetic treatment of cellulite has been designed for use as a complementary aid in cellulite beauty therapy. It is a soft product that is easy to use and performs its major functions thanks to the balanced use of natural substances. Use: Apply the cream massaging gently.

Profskin Cellucure Termic 500ml

This formula helps smooth and tighten skin for a smoother, more toned appearance. Works to improve the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin. Provides soothing benefits and moisture to body skin leaving it soft and hydrated. The skin is often affected by problems regarding fitness and tone, in such cases is important to carry out beauty massages with products that restore suppleness and tone epidermal tissues. This massage cream, designed for this purpose, contains plant extract that aid the functions of the tissues. Use:  Apply on involved parts and massaging.

Profskin Mud Plus 500ml

Wrap up the leg to the top of the thigh or covering all areas treated; Massage a generous amount of Profskin Natural Mud into the areas you wish to treat, making sure the skin is completely covered. This mud has been suitably refined and purified for use on any type of skin. Use: To apply, spread over the area requirement with a spatula or brush then wrap with sheets of extra-fine plastic. After about 30 minutes, remove the pack and rinse off with water.



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Profskin is a new Brand offering anti-cellulite solution.

Our innovative formulas will help you to significally reduce cellulite appearance and tone your body.