SPA Pedicure Chair Premium White



SPA Pedicure Chair Premium White

The elegant SPA Pedicure Chair is upholstered in a soft and durable eco-leather upholstery.

  • Built-in discharge pump
  • Armrests of the Pedicure Chair swing up or down for easy access
  • Adjustable and removable manicure tray
  • Adjustable and removable Headrest
  • Spa Pedicure Chair equipped with Remote-controlled reclining backrest
  • Remote-controlled extendable and retractable seat
  • Height-adjustable footrest
  • Ceramic bowl with acetone-resistant base
  •  Warranty: One year
  • Dimensions 174*70*74cm
  • Capacity 200kg
  • N.W 97.5kg
  • Filling material 13.5cm sponge
  • Leather PU/PVC

The suggestive instructions for Spa Pedicure Chair 

  • All the plugs of the pedicure chair, buttons, and other components connected to the power cable must not dip in the water or other liquid.
  • It is forbidden to put your hands, feet, head, or another part of the body into the gap while the massage chair is running when you press the manual control panel or the foot control panel.
  • It is prohibited to use when plugs, buttons, and other components connected to the power cable are broken.
  • It should be noticed that the frequency is 6min/h when the motor of this massage chair is used.
  • The maintenances should not be dealt with without official training.




  • The power cable and plug breakages of the Spa Pedicure Chair should be eliminated before it’s typically used.
  • Some professionals or service providers should deal with breakages.
  • The voltage should accord with the safety voltage before it’s officially used. And the wrong voltage may lead to the breakdown of the product.
  • The wet hand is not allowed to touch the power to avoid shock.
  • The spa chair should not be plugin before it’s already installed.
  • The power cable should be put away so that pedestrians will not trip up and fall.
  • The appearance of the product should be cleaned by the use of a soft towel with a diluted neutral detergent.
  • It should be unplugged when it’s not used.
  • Do not dismount the pedicure chair without any authorization. Please inform the official service providers to deal with the maintenances



  • Daily cleaning

You can wipe out the dust by using a soft dry towel.

  • Eliminating the heavy dirt

As we all know, it is hard to eliminate heavy dirt by using a regular dry towel. In this case, you can use a soft towel with diluted neutral detergent to clean it first.

And then you can use a dry towel to scrub.

  • It’s prohibited to use benzene, diluent, gasoline, or other solvents

These solvents may damage the leather or cause the corrosion of the products’ appearance.

  • Storage and operating environment

Don’t put the product in a strong sunlight and moisture environment. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the product.

  • It is allowed to use the chair for pedicure under a temperature from -5°c to 50°c and humidity from 45% to 85%.