SPA Beauty Couch Azzurro Wood 361A 4 motors


The comfort and quality of the equipment is a priority for every owner of an aesthetic medicine office, a professional beauty studio or a day spa.
AZZURRO WOOD COSMETIC CHAIR is a high-class couch that allows you to perform cosmetic treatments and all types of massage. Thanks to the electric control, we can conveniently set the couch, ensuring comfort for both the client and the person performing the procedure. The classic design and functionality of the furniture make it a fantastic element of a modern office and spa.
An additional advantage is the ability to remember 3 settings. Thanks to this, after selecting one of them, the couch automatically adjusts in all planes to predetermined positions. The selected setting can be easily reset to be able to re-adjust individual parts. After pressing the “off” button, the couch returns to the “zero” position. The heated mattress is a complement to functionality and comfort.
Dimensions: 208x87x62-81cm