Hydration Beauty chair – Basic 210 White


Simplicity and functionality

A swivel cosmetic chair equipped with a hydraulic cylinder is a practical piece of equipment that will be useful in many specialist salons, including cosmetic, massage and tattoo salons. It will be suitable for people who are looking for a simple and functional cosmetic furniture.

Functional solutions for the comfort of work

The height of the seat can be adjusted from 65-79 cm hands-free using the hydraulic pump. This allows for comfortable use of the equipment for people of different heights and allows it to be adapted to the individual needs of both the client and the person performing the procedure. The mechanism used is very durable and reliable . Thanks to the hole in the headrest, which is hidden under a properly profiled pillow, the chair is also perfect for treatments carried out on the back , such as massages.

Comfort of use

The chair can make a full rotation , which allows you to adjust it to the procedure being performed at the moment. The actuator has a built-in locking system , thanks to which, after setting the selected position, the equipment holds it stably . The armrests provide adequate support and can be easily removed if necessary. These elements, divided in half, are movable, so they fit well when changing the position of the backrest.

Manual adjustment of inclination angles

With the help of special levers, it is possible to steplessly adjust the angles at which the footrest and backrest are located. This allows for optimal adjustment of settings to individual needs , for proper and comfortable performance of treatments and comfort of use. The armchair can be unfolded to the position of a couch , which significantly increases its functionality during both face and body treatments.

Modern design and ergonomics

The armchair is filled with foam of appropriate hardness and covered with semi-matt imitation leather in shades of white. Thanks to the use of such material, the equipment is comfortable to use, resistant to moisture and easy to clean . Properly profiled hems give the seat an ergonomic shape . Solid construction guarantees durability and stability . Simple design and classic colors allow it to fit into any interior.