LB Lash Lift Step 2 Sachets x10



Lifted. Fix 2.

10 Sachets. Up to 3 treatments per sachet.

Step 2 of the 3-step system. Fix works to harden the hair, fixing it into place. When the fixing lotion is applied, a process called oxidation takes place, the hair will form its new shape and be fixed into its new position. The Lash Lift and Brow Lamination fixing lotion allows the eyelash or eyebrow to hold its shape for approximately 6-8 weeks.

Once opened, if sealed correctly, Lifted. sachets can be used for up to 2 weeks. Each sachet can be used for up to 3 treatments.

The shelf life of Lifted. sachets are 12 months (unopened). The expiry date is printed on the packaging.

Lash Lift Timings
Fine/Thin: 10-11 minutes for step 1 and 6-7 minutes for step 2
Normal: 12-13 minutes for step 1 and 8 minutes for step 2
Coarse/Thick: 14-15 minutes for step 1 and 9-10 minutes for step 2

Brow Lamination Timings
Fine/Thin: 6-8 minutes for step 1 and 4-5 minutes for step 2
Normal: 8-10 minutes for step 1 and 5-7 minutes for step 2
Coarse/Thick: 10-12 minutes for step 1 and 6-8 for step 2

Full guidelines available below.




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