Apraise Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint Grey 1.1. 20ml


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GREY 1.1

Beautiful Grey, to intensify and mask grey/white hair with a natural finish. A perfect addition to other shades to make ash tones.

  • Approximately 40 applications per tube
  • Up to eight weeks colour duration
  • Water resistant and smudge proof

SETP 1: Preparation
– Remove contact lenses.
– Clean the eye-area
STEP2: Mix & Apply
– Immediately before tinting mix 1cm of tint and a few drops of activator to achive 1:1 propotion.
– Mix thoroughly until a homogeneous consistency is obtained
– Afterwards apply to brows and lashes.
STEP3: Application time
– Lashes: 10 minutes.
– Brows: 5-10 minutes. The longer the application time the more intense the result.
STEP4: Ready!
– Remove by using liquid make up remover and next by water.

Extra Tip: To protect the skin from coloring, apply a greasy cream around your eyes, which will help you avoid unwanted spots on the skin. Be careful not to apply it to eyelashes or eyebrows



Professional Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint Range

Apraise® professional Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting Range includes the tinting products and material required to create perfect brows and lashes, as well as attractive consumer products which add extra value to lash and brow businesses.

Apraise® visibly transforms your appearance

Apraise® professional eyelash and eyebrow tint contains active ingredients to ensure long lasting, vibrant colour and luminous shine for a result that visibly transforms the appearance of the eyelash and eyebrow. Created for the salon professional, Apraise® eyelash and eyebrow tinting system with Optic Chroma Complex fuses colour pigment technology and Beeswax with a rich cream base, to penetrate deep into the hair shaft providing radiant colour from root to tip. This blend of active ingredients ensures long lasting, intense colour and condition for a result that visibly transforms the appearance of every eyelash and eyebrow.

Apraise® offers

This elegant complete range of eyelash & eyebrow tints and accessories is perfect for not only beauty therapists, but for professionals on the move. With something for everyone from the Apraise® starter kit, which is ideal for students, to a complete Lash and Brow Station Kit it will enhance every clients assets. Apraise® has an accurate application finish and in the hands of a trained professional, it offers clients a long lasting tinting experience.

Apraise® delivers

  • Professional Colour range of 5 popular in-style colours
  • Luminous shine and condition
  • Extra-large tubes as 20ml size
  • Up to 40 applications per tube
  • Long lasting colour – Up to 8 weeks colour intensity
  • Staying power – Smudge proof formula
  • Water resistant
  • Tried and tested formula