QBS Premium Gel Remover Grapefruit 15ml



Premium Eyelash Remover with Grapefruit Scent

Premium Eyelash Remover with Grapefruit scent is developed with the latest technologies and advancements in professional cosmetology. This great adhesive remover extremely gently removes semi permanent eyelashes extension, only requires a minimal amount to debond the adhesive and does not damages natural eyelashes. This new formula is strong enough to dissolve the bonds without running into the client’s eyes and a magical scent of Grapefruit provides a great sense of relaxation. Have client sitting up with eyes closed tightly during the removal process.

Premium Eyelash Remover with Grapefruit Scent Features

  • Volume: 15ml
  • Consistency: Gel type
  • De-bonding time: within 60 Seconds
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Content: 15ml
  • Shelf Life: 6 Months
  • Scent: Grapefruit

Premium Eyelash Remover with Grapefruit is an essential tool for every technician as its effectively dissolves the adhesive bond, effortlessly removing the eyelashes extensions in the process. Professionals prefer using gel type over liquid remover because it does not run in clients eyes and is better suited for sensitive eyes and skin.