Longer Extension Lash Primer 15ml – QBS



QBS® Lash Primer

QBS® Lash Primer has been designed to clean and disinfect natural eyelashes. At Quality Beauty Store we acknowledge the fact that key to longer lasting lashes begins with a clean surface. This product will remove any grease, oil and make-up from the natural lashes. It will also remove all the dust to prevent the extensions from adhering to the real lashes. Apply using micro brushes to clean the lashes and use immediately prior to your application process.

QBS® Lash Primer Characteristics

  • Volume: 15ml
  • Consistency: Liquid

Lashes Primer is an essential product for every lash technician. Using QBS® Lash Primer will ensure optimum bonding period of semi permanent eyelash extension and will increase the actual bonding period for up to several weeks. Importantly, using this product will shorten application time and save your client the time exposed to adhesive fumes. QBS recommends this product for professional use only.