Dry Heater Sterilization

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The issue of disinfection and sterilization is very relevant in our time, because before becoming a manicure master, you need to carefully prepare by buying a special sterilizer that will protect both the master and his client. Dry Heater SM-360C is necessary for sterilization and full preparation of various professional manicure instruments. This sterilizer for instruments has a metal body, as well as convenient handles for carrying the device. On the front panel of the device there are 2 temperature indicators and a timer. Also, the sterilizer for manicure instruments has a temperature setting from 0 to 220C degrees, as well as the ability to select a timer from 0 to 90 minutes. Dry Heater has a fairly compact size and almost silent operation. cabinet. The cabinet lid closes tightly, ensuring complete sealing of the process.

Features of dry heater :

  • The dryer has a large tray size, which makes it possible to use larger kraft bags for sterilization;
  • It has a body equipped with two LSD panels, which shows the temperature and processing time
  • Improved temperature control. Dryer maintains the set temperature throughout the entire time of operation, without drops;
  • It has a stylish matte body that will look good in any interior.


Color black
Thermostat from 0 to 220°C
Timer from 0 to 90 min
Voltage 220 В
Power 300 W
Size 215 x 230 x 160 mm
Working capacity 2,6 l
Inner capacity 210 х 150 х 55 mm
Package size 300х270х192 mm
Weight(with package/without package) 2600\3100 g