ISO Nail Drill Machine Basic


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  • HIGHEST QUALITY   –   meets European standards; high-quality components were used for production, which guarantee many years of work with the product . The milling machine underneath has non-slip pads, which additionally protect against slipping. In the set, apart from the milling machine, there is a silicone stand that allows you to put the head down, both during work and after the treatment.
  • REDUCES THE MANICURE / PEDICURE PERFORMANCE TIME   – using a milling machine   the time of performing a manicure / pedicure is even reduced by half!   You do not have to soak your hands / feet in acetone or saw with an ordinary nail file, which after a few months may have a negative effect on the joints. All you need to do is use a milling machine and use the appropriate cutter,   and your plate will not be weakened   from acetone or excessive sawing. The milling machine also allows you to quickly shorten the extended nails. The handle fits perfectly in the hand, thanks to which it prevents fatigue after prolonged use, it also greatly affects the quality of work.
  • SMOOTH ADJUSTMENT   – the milling machine has a smooth speed regulation, which is changed by means of a knob. Additionally, it is located on the head   switch (on / off) , which increases the safety of using the device. The cutters are installed very quickly and easily, they just need to be pressed to the end.   The polarity button is used to change the direction rotation .
  • SPECIFICATION   – grey colour; power: 12W; power supply: 220-240V; 50-60Hz; maximum rotation speed:   20,000 / min;   cutter diameter: 2.35 mm – standard; the ability to change the rotation of the direction: yes; overheating protection: yes; dimensions (length / width / height): 13.5 / 8.5 / 6cm; cable length: 105cm; milling machine weight: 560g; set weight: 0.95 kg; weight with packaging: 1.05 kg.


  • grey colour
  • power: 12W
  • power supply: 220-240V; 50-60Hz
  • maximum rotation speed:   20,000 / min
  • cutter diameter: 2.35mm – standard
  • the ability to change the rotation of the direction: yes
  • overheating protection: yes
  • dimensions (length / width / height): 13.5 / 8.5 / 6cm
  • cable length: 105cm
  • milling machine weight: 560g
  • weight of the set: 0.95 kg
  • weight with packaging: 1.05 kg


  • milling machine with a power cord
  • head
  • stand
  • set of 6 diamond cutters
  • 6 caps (2 sizes of abrasion)