Best Straightener with Steam and Infrared light



Hair Straightener with Steam and Infrared light

Infrared steam hair straightener

Automatic spray

straight hair

splint two in1 straightener/curlers

Infra-red steam straight hair

Voltage: 100-240 – v
Power: 45-65 w
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Temperature heating temperature: 120-230
Panel coating: nano-coating glaze
Preheat time: 10 seconds
The power cord length: is 2.5 m

An automatic steam sensing system
The hidden sensor chip will trigger the heating plate to close. Then steam comes out.

Automatic Steam
The micromotor transmits water automatically. It automatically replenishes  0.3 grams of water every three seconds. Every 0.3 grams of water can provide 3 seconds of steam.

Steam and infrared technology
Steam supplement water, infrared heat rays, infrared heat rays, and steam. It can effectively reduce the damage to the hair and make hair more smooth and more shiny.

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