Hot Roller Heater 20



Hot Roller Heater

8 large 6 medium and 6 small high speed hot roller. It takes only 4 minutes to heat up the roller to be ready for use.

This hot rollers will heat approximately 15 minutes and cool down slowly

• Transparent cover that allows viewing inside the machine
• Heating super fast
• Indicator to alert you when the curlers were warmed up and ready for use
• Power 220-240V 50Hz
• 350W power output
• 8 Large, 6 Medium & 6 Small Rollers
• 20 Butterfly clips
• 20 Metal Pins
• 360° Swivel Cord
• Digital Control

They are all of flocked surface, has been designed to protect the hair and help you create wave and curls by yourselves and build maximum volume into your hair. You can choose the width of the roller before comb your hair A long-lasting hair style comes out. They can be used on dry or slightly damp hair and are suitable for all hair types

How to use:  After hair is washed, blow it dry by around 80%. Take out a heated hair roll of right size from hair curler box. Pick up a small strand of hair and make its ends onto the hair roll, slowly roll the ends towards the roots along the hair roll, and then fix the hot roller by a hair clip of suitable size. The hair roll should stay for 5-10 minutes on head. After cooled, take off hair clip and roll lightly. A beautiful hair style will come into your eyes.