Suitable for sterilizing tools for: lash artists, brow experts, nail artists, pedicure professionals, hairdressers (for metal tools). It is essential equipment in all professional beauty salons.
Where professional metal (and glass) tools are used such as tweezers, eyebrow scissors, tattoo needles, tweezers, etc. the quartz sterilizer achieves absolute, homogeneous sterilization with 100% hygiene safety for each subsequent use.
Open the device, fill the inner bucket by 4/5 and leave 10-20 minutes for preheating. Then put the tools inside standing up and leave them for just half a minute. In 20-30 seconds, sterilization has been achieved and we can remove them. We turn off the switch of the device and place our sterile tools on a clean surface or in an equally clean container, which we have disinfected with a special liquid for disinfecting professional surfaces and containers.

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