G5 Body Vibration Massage Machine


  1. High quality wood: High quality material, durable and soft to use.
  2. Flexibility: Suitable for different types of body parts, simple to use, easy to operate, convenient and practical.
  3. Soft: Unique massage ball bearings, soft and lightweight, suitable for both men and women.


  1. Soften, consume fat to reduce weight.
  2. Promote blood circulation, improve metabolism.
  3. Train the lack of exercises muscle to prevent muscle fatigue and rigidity, maintain the mobility of joints, reduce joints edema.
  4. Effectively relieve muscles tension and fatigue for self-relaxation
  5. Relieve swelling and pain after injection.
  6. Soften skin horning substance, better to use massage head with cream.
  7. Split fat particles, eliminate honey tissue.
  8. Soften and push fat to shape body

Parts included:

  • – Massage head with circle dots: Massage rough and wrinkle skin, remove wrinkles, clean skin, heal wound of surface skin and the deep fibrous tissue and remove scars.
  • – Columar massage heads: By squzze and vibration to diminish pain caused by hard sprained or tired muscle. The vibration aimed at fat part is applied to soften, remove fat, lose weight.
  • – Ball massage head: Massage muscle, back and waist and stimulate the muscle of insufficient sport, keep joint flexibility, diminish joint edema.