EMS Sport Toner Patches


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Sports electrostimulation (EMS) consists of applying deep electrical microstimulation very similar to the impulses emitted by the central nervous system to control muscular actions and thus provoke muscular contractions. It can be used by both men and women as a workout booster, toning, improving muscular flaccidity and increasing its volume, strength and resistance and as a therapy to massage, relax and decontract muscles.
EMS SPORT TONER is designed to adapt ergonomically to the abdominal area and extremities. The conductive gel of its electrodes facilitates a perfect adhesion to the skin and that the microstimulation is produced in a correct and professional way.
Its 6 exercise modes together with the different levels of intensity allow an exercise adapted to every need, from beginners to the most experienced sportsmen and women with only 12 minute sessions once or twice a day.

– Includes 1 abdominal electrostimulation patch.
– Includes 2 limb electrostimulation patches.
– Includes 3 EMS devices for independent exercises.
– 6 exercise modes.
– 2 intensity levels per mode.
– Includes a triple charging cable.


Always wash the area of the body where you intend to use the EMS patches.

Attach each patch to a control knob using the connection buttons.

Remove the protective plastic from the adhesive gel pads (electrodes) and place them on the skin where you want them to perform the action (abdomen, legs, arms or shoulders).
IMPORTANT: Never place the electrodes with the device switched on to avoid possible damage. Always do it with the appliance switched off.

This device works with 6 modes (from A to F) in which each one acts with a combination of different pulse rhythms and stops and each one of the 6 modes can work with low intensity or high intensity.

Switching on: press the “ON/INC” button once. By default it will start with mode A indicated by the light in position 1.
To select another working mode (B, C, D, E or F) press the “PROGRAM” button until the indicator lights corresponding to the desired mode come on.
To start, press the “ON/INC” button again. By default, low intensity discharges will be started. Press the “PROGRAM” button again to increase the intensity. If you wish to lower the intensity, press the “OFF/DEC” button.

The working time per session is 12 minutes.

To stop the device, press the “OFF/DEC” button. If you wish to turn it off, press it a second time or hold it down for a long time. When no light is on, this indicates that the appliance is switched off.

When you have finished using it, replace the protective plastic pads to prolong their life.

NOTE: If you need to reposition the pad, do not do so with the pad switched on. This may cause the life of the device to be shortened. Do not touch or handle the pads when they are switched on. This may cause the life of the device to be shortened.

The recommended usage is 12 minute sessions 2 or 3 times a day. Longer use may cause muscle fatigue or even overload the muscle.

Avoid use until 30 minutes after eating.

If the control knobs become dirty you can clean them with a slightly damp cloth. Before using again, make sure that the control pad is completely dry.
If the adhesive gel pad becomes soiled it will cause the device to malfunction. Make sure it is clean before use. To clean it use a damp towel to restore the adhesive but use caution as too much moisture can damage the pads.
Adhesive gel pads (electrodes) should be replaced with the same type and model.



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