Air humidifier

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  • ULTRASONIC   – the ceramic filter ensures that the steam generated by sound waves is enriched with oxide minerals and nano-oxides; Unlike steam humidifiers, it does not produce steam which, due to the high temperature, may be hazardous and raise the temperature in the room.
  • TIME PROGRAMMER AND REMOTE CONTROL   – the comfort of using the device ensures the possibility of setting the operating time after which the humidifier will turn itself off.
  • BACKLIT LCD DISPLAY AND HYGROMETER   – on the front of the humidifier there is an easy-to-read LCD display with information about its operating mode; The device also has a built-in hygrometer, which allows for constant control of the humidity level in the room.
  • OILS INCLUDED   – the set includes 3 oils with the following scents: sea, lavender and rose; after their use, the humidifier, in addition to regulating the level of humidity in the room, also releases aromas with relaxing properties.
  • SPECIFICATION   – dimensions (width / height) 22 / 45cm; weight of the set 1.5 kg; tank capacity 5L; evaporation capacity up to 300ml / h.


  • tank capacity: 5L
  • evaporation capacity: up to 300ml / h
  • noise level: <35dB (A)
  • power: 25W
  • humidifier power supply: 220-240V
  • remote control power supply: CR2025 battery (included)
  • dimensions (width / height): 22 / 45cm
  • cable length: 100cm
  • set weight: 1.5 kg
  • weight with packaging: 1.85 kg


  • humidifier
  • remote
  • 3 aromatic oils: sea, lavender, rose
  • user manual

Correct humidity in a room is not only an everyday comfort, but also a significant one   impact on health and general well-being.   An electric, ultrasonic air humidifier with a ceramic filter that softens water and a display that indicates the temperature and humidity of the air, is a device that quickly and easily guarantees the right microclimate in your home, apartment or office.

Efficient steam distribution system   quickly moisturizes rooms . The filter is filled with ceramic sediment, which means that the device produces natural oxide minerals and nano-oxides during operation.

The humidifier works by ultrasonic waves and transforms clean water into cool, refreshing steam. There is therefore no risk of burns as with many steam humidifiers.

An ultrasonic air humidifier uses high frequency vibrations to produce water mist which is blown outside.

A moisturizing device has   anion production function   (negative ions) with water vapor, which help to precipitate pollen, dust and other air pollutants accumulating in the room.   The aromatic oils included in the set allow you to create not only a healthy, but also a pleasant atmosphere.

The outlet allows the micro-mist to be sprayed effectively in the humidified room. The amount of mist can be adjusted in three intensity levels by pressing the button. If the humidifier has the hydrostatic function on, the amount of mist will be produced automatically depending on the humidity in the air. The 5-liter water container allows the humidifier to operate efficiently for up to 10 hours. The operation of the humidifier can be programmed temporarily.   Working time can be selected: 1, 2.4 or 8 hours.   The devices can also be operated using the included remote control.

Built-in water shortage sensor   – when the device is turned on when it is not filled with water, a warning sound signal and an icon on the display are emitted. When the minimum water level is exceeded, the humidifier turns off automatically.

The air humidifier has   colored backlight that can be changed according to individual preferences.