Hair Fiber Applicator


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New Hair Fiber Applicator Precision Spray Bottle Thickening Nozzle any Fibers

1.100% brand new and high quality.
2.Made of glass,stainless steel and rubber.anti-static and not easy to rust.
3.Use to fill in spots or make a precise hairline.
4.It allows the fibers to attach to your natural hair much easier.
5.Easy one handed operation,very lightweight,easy to apply.

Material:glass,stainless steel,rubber


Remove silver cap and then remove the inner perforated cap.  The inner perforated cap is fitted very securely and will need some force to remove so please take care when doing this.
The reason why the cap is so secure is to stop any dampness affecting the fibres.
Always start your fibre application where there is hair for them to connect to and build from there.  Fibres will not adhere where there is no hair.
Pour required amount into applicator bottle.
Simply apply fibre to the required area until the desired effect is achieved, spray lightly with any hair fixing Spray to seal fibres.
Shampoo your hair to remove.

Fiber Applicator:
Will allow for quick, easy and even application of the hair fibres.


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