Ergo Cut cutter Li-Pro black Sthauer

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Professional ergonomic cutting mower with or without cord, equipped with 2 long-lasting batteries. Robust and effective, it does not force when performing haircuts. Its cutting head is adjustable from 1 to 2mm without hooves for very short cuts and from 3 to 12mm with clogs for classic cuts. Thanks to its 2 Lithium bateries, it will never be out of order and allows a 90-minute battery life for a 1 hour 30 hour charge. The connection of the wire will allow to restart the engine even with the battery discharged. Delivered with charger, cleaning brush and oilcan.

– Professional motor
– High strength steel cutting head
– 2 batteries 600 mAh – 3.7 Volts
– Autonomy 90 minutes
– Charging time 90 minutes
– 4 settings on the head
– 4 shoes 3, 6, 9, 12mm
– Weight clipper only 190 grams


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