Barbertime Hair Colouring Wax Pink 100ml



Barbertime Hair Colouring Wax Pink

Barbertime Hair Coloring Wax Pink 100ml is a colored styling wax in a pink color. Color the hair while fixing the style! Go for a fresh, unique look with the Hair Coloring Wax from Barbertime. The result is uniquely colored hair with a high-shine shine. The wax rinses out easily and leaves no residue in the hair. It remains visible until the next wash. The colored wax gives the most effect on hair with a light base. Available in multiple colours.

How to use: apply the desired amount of wax to the hair with your hands and style as desired.

Pros and cons

  • Styling wax with pink color
  • Easy to apply temporary coloring
  • Shiny and unique colored result
  • Easy to wash out
  • Leaves no residue