Precision Trimmer T-Cut Hair Clipper



Precision Trimmer Hair T Cut Clipper

Absolute precision, total control, perfect gradients, and flawless finish with PRECISION BULLET This precision hair clipper has become indispensable, due to its small body, round metal handles with non-slip relief for easy grip and use.
Where and when you want, for the hair and for the beard, this little one does not understand inaccuracies.

Its engine is a high-performance PD silver alloy with 6000 RPM. Its consumption and noise are reduced by half.

Steel blades and 4 combs for total precision of 1/2/3/4 mm.

Its led light has several indications, power on, low battery, and recharge.
It is wireless but can be used while recharging (connection via USB port).

  • Includes a practical maintenance and cleaning kit.
  • Overheating protection.


1. Before connecting the power supply, make sure that the voltage marked on the product matches the local supply voltage. To charge the product, insert the small plug of the C-type charging cable into the USB port on the base, then insert the other end of the power cable into a transformer (not included).
Note: When the transformer connector is greater than or equal to 6V, the product will not charge.
2. Charging: When the device is charging the battery, a flashing red light on the power switch.
3. Once charging is complete (2 hours of quick charging) the light will go out.
4. Remove the protective sleeve from the cutting head.
5. Press the button on the base to turn the hair clipper on (blue light will come on).
6. Use: Move the cutting head slowly against the direction of hair growth, you can handle with precision and ease the hair cutter in a straight line or circles.
7. To turn off the cutter press the same button as the power button.
8. Always attach the desired cutting comb with the hair trimmer switched off. You can choose the cutting height between 1 mm / 2 mm / 3 mm / 4 mm and change it as required.
9. When the red indicator light flashes, it indicates that the power is insufficient and needs to be charged on time.
Note: It is possible to continue working with the hair clipper while it is plugged in for charging (ALWAYS NOT THE FIRST CHARGE). Note: If the load is excessive, the device will automatically switch off (locked rotor protection).
10. When you finish using the hair trimmer, turn it off and remove the trimming comb.
11. Replace the blade with a protective cover.