Microfibre Bleach Proof Towels

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  • Eco-Friendly – Polyester and Polyamide use considerably less water and zero pesticides in their production compared to cotton.  The structure of the product means significantly less energy is used when washing and drying in comparison to cotton towels, and their long life enhances sustainability.
  • Extremely resilient and hard wearing – no snagging and stay looking newer for longer.
  • Microfibre towels become even more luxurious after drying due to fibres expanding and opening in the heat.
  • Resistant to chlorine, bleach and peroxide.
  • Anti-Microbial Finish – the towels feature an antibacterial surface which contains an antibacterial agent that opposes the ability of micro-organisms to grow on textile materials.
  • Fade Resistant – Tested to over 500 washes with no colour fade and to 1000 washes with marginal fade.
  • Double stitching ensures shape retention for longer life.