Hot water rollers – 5pcs



How water curler , it was curling the hair by natural heating , so it was the natural way to make the hair curling , no damage to the hair .

Using way :
1. Take the colorful clamp off from the hair white cylinder part .
2. Dip the white cylinder part into the boiling water and keep it in the boling water for ten minutes .
3. Take the white cylinder part from the boiling water by a tong and pear the water off by a towl .
4. Start rolling the hair onto the white cylinder part from the hair end till the root and assemble the colorful
clamp onto the white cylinder part to keep the hair curler in place .
5. Remove and release the hair from the hair curler while the hair curler was cool completely .
6. Comb the hair a little bit by a wide teeth comb .
7. Spray certain amount of gel onto the hair to keep the curl longer .