SP After Wax Lotion Aloe Vera and Lavender 1ltr

Features and benefits Soothing formula ? encourages the skin to heal after waxing Aloe vera...

HD Pre Wax Powder 100g

Line dedicated to preparing the skin before epilation. Prepares the skin for epilation treatment and protects...

HD Post Depilation Argan Oil 500ml

Oil after depilation, nourishing, argan. Perfectly removes wax residues from the skin. Ingredients: argan oil...

Kaeso Remove and Restore After Wax Oil 250ml

Massage gently into skin after waxing to remove wax residue and leave skin soft and...

Apraise Cooling Aloe Vera Gel 500ml

Apraise Cooling Aloe Vera Gel contains pure aloe vera which helps cool and calm the...

XN After Wax Oil Aloe Vera 500ml

After Wax Oil Aloe Vera 500ml After wax oil is applied after hair removal, it is...

Kaeso Wax Equipmen Cleaner 495ml

A multi-purpose wax equipment cleaner Designed to help remove excess wax and spillages from waxing equipment.

Kaeso Pre Wax Spray Prep & Cleanser 495ml

Nourishes and moisturises the skin post wax. Antiseptic and anti-oxidant properties Helps to calm and soothe the...

Kaeso Wax Care Bump Smoother (Ingrows) 100ml

Helps to eliminate redness and prevent ingrown hairs following hair removal. Kaeso Skin Saviour Bump Smoother...