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Lipstick Everyday

Trendy lipstick come and go, but one shade everyone should have in their makeup is their go-to lip color that’s perfect for everyday, in any season.

To find your most flattering shade first of all test how close the shade is to your natural color, find a color that is one shade deeper than your natural lip 1.Apply lipstick only to your lower lip. Compare that shade to the your upper lip. If the shades are drastically different, you need to keep looking. Remember that dark shades will actually make your lips look smaller, while lighter shades can add plumpness.Lipstick with a matte finish can also cause lips to look thinner, while glosses and shimmery shades can make them look fuller.


2.Choose a shades that experts recommend for your  skin tone. If you have  light skin, try light pink, coral, peach, nudes, or beige. If you have medium skin, try rose, mauve, or berry shades. For tan skin use colors with orange undertone. Try coral, or deep pink  3.Try on lipstick with little or no other makeup on your face. Look for a shade that, worn with no other make up, brightens your face and makes other makeup unnecessary





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