Vines Vintage

Born in 1930s Hackney, Vines Vintage was nurtured through decades of trade secrets, passed from generation to generation of family barbers. A blend of quality ingredients, innovative formulas and passionate craftsmanship combine to bring you authentic barbering - with attitude.

Our legendary hair and scalp tonics are the pioneers of the range. We created these invigorating blends to simulate the hair follicle, whilst the manly scents caused quite a stir among the ladies!

After the end of the Second World War men coming home from the draft returned to their everyday lives. It was time to regroup and restyle. This signalled the creation of our gents styling products creating the sleek comb-overs and finger waves of the 40’s.

Our most recent developments have been in our shave range with beards and moustaches becoming ever more prevalent the need to keep them well maintained has been our latest mission. Luxurious Beard Balms and enriched Pre Shave Oils help to groom and style male facial hair.

The future of Vines Vintage is shaped by you. You set the trends, you demand the results and we’re just coming along for the ride. So let us hear what you have to say on social media. Share every shave, snap every cut and let’s keep the traditions alive.

Vines Vintage is an inspired collection of modern barbering products designed to finish and style the male hair and beard.

True to the routes of authentic barbering techniques, Vines Vintage styling and care offers contemporary products to deliver barbering with attitude.

Vines Vintage Barbering will deliver exceptional results for you and your customers.

High performance products with outstanding results, Vines Vintage Barbering is a must for all gentlemen's salons.

The Vines Vintage range offers 3 facial hair care products, 3 styling products and 6 traditional hair tonics in 200ml bottles and includes a 5 litre container for the American Bay Rum, Eau De Quinine & Eau De Portugal tonics.

An innovative collection of facial hair care and grooming products to condition, finish and style the male moustache and beard.

True to the roots of authentic barbering, Vines Vintage® facial range offers contemporary products to deliver barbering with attitude.

At the forefront of advanced formulation, Vines Vintage® features ingredients such as intensely moisturising Japonica Seed Oil and Shea Butter, rich in Vitamin C to nourish the hair and skin.

An eclectic collection of lotions and tonics, perfectly designed to stimulate, soothe, revitalise and protect the male hair and scalp.

True to the roots of authentic barbering techniques, Vines Vintage offers contemporary products to deliver barbering with attitude.

Delivering the foremost in advanced formulation, Vines Vintage Lotions & Tonics feature extract of Avocado to nourish hair and Coconut Oil known to protect hair from damage.

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