MQ Professional


MQ Professional is expanding the MAX480 line taking it to a next level. MAX480 PRO Titanium features Titanium plates with maximum agility and performance.

These plates evenly distribute the temperature ultra fast (in seconds) up to 485°F – 252°C, combined to the MCH (Ultra-fast Heating and Recovery) and MQ MAX Heat Technology (Ultra-fast Heating sensors), MAX480 PRO will definitely impress you.  

Learn more about our newest hair dryer that features digital motor, high power and durability 


A hair dryer is an essential tool for salon routine. MAX DIGITAL 2800 ÍON is 5 to 6 times faster than the traditional hair dryers and will guarantee speed during use. The perfect result with smooth, frizz-free, and ultra shine an beautiful hair will depend on the hair styling tool you have in hands.

MAX DIGITAL 2800 ÍON is the most revolutionary hair dryer and the best investment for your salon.

Our new hair straightener’s line has become even more innovative and technological

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Showing all 2 results