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Vines Vintage Barbering with Attitude

Born in 1930s Hackney, Vines Vintage was nurtured through decades of trade secrets, passed from generation to generation of family barbers. A blend of quality ingredients, innovative formulas and passionate craftsmanship combine to bring you authentic barbering – with attitude.

Vines Vintage hair and scalp tonics are the pioneers of the range. Vines Vintage created these invigorating blends to simulate the hair follicle, whilst the manly scents caused quite a stir among the ladies!

After the end of the Second World War men coming home from the draft returned to their everyday lives. It was time to regroup and restyle. This signalled the creation of our gents styling products creating the sleek comb-overs and finger waves of the 40’s.


Vines Vintage recent developments have been in our shave range with beards and moustaches becoming ever more prevalent the need to keep them well maintained has been our latest mission. Luxurious Beard Balms and enriched Pre Shave Oils help to groom and style male facial hair.

The future of Vines Vintage is shaped by you. You set the trends, you demand the results and we’re just coming along for the ride. So let us hear what you have to say on social media. Share every shave, snap every cut and let’s keep the traditions alive.

Vines Vintage® shave range offers grooming products to smooth and shape the facial hair. Find out more grooming produts @beautycentremalta


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Amazon Keratin Treatment

Amazon Series Keratin Treatment ~ Braziline Professional


1. Why is Cysteine Complex the best choice?

A: It offers a natural way to restore and transform hair.

Often times stylists use too much of those harsh chemical treatments which results in harmful smoke and fumes that can disrupt the atmosphere of any salon and cause harm to clients.

Cysteine Complex uses allnatural ingredients, so absolutely no harm comes from performing a service.

Approximately 30ml59ml of Cysteine Complex per head is needed to achieve amazing straight results.

Because so little product is needed, oversaturation that causes humidity to evaporate off of the hair can easily be avoided.

Applying the correct amount of product will control the amount of humidity that evaporates


2. Is Cysteine Complex a Keratin Treatment or a Relaxer?

A: Cysteine Complex is a nonformaldehyde Keratin Treatment that reduces 70% curl volume on Caucasian hair and 5060% curl volume on ethnic hair.


3. Can Cysteine Complex be used on any hair type, regardless of its level of porosity?

A: In situations where hair’s health is in question, the client consultation is especially important.

Cysteine Complex will not damage hair, but the heat applied when bonding the product to that hair can.

This is where stylist’s discretion comes into play. If hair is fine, weak, bleached, or damaged, we recommend a 121°C149°C heat setting.

For normal to coarse hair, we recommend a 177°C210°C heat setting.


4. Can the Cysteine Complex be placed over relaxers?

A: Yes, the Cysteine can be applied over any relaxer.

When applying Cysteine Complex over any other Keratin Treatment make sure that it has been at least

2 months from the application of previous treatment.


5. Should Cysteine Complex be applied before or after a color service?

A: We recommend that Cysteine Complex be done after a color service.

Because color opens the hair’s cuticle, we recommend replacing the use of Pure Deep

Cleansing Shampoo with MuruMuru Anti. Frizz Keratin Shampoo


6. Can a client go swimming in a pool or the ocean with Cysteine Complex on their hair?

A: For the first two days, we recommend letting the hair settle.

When clients go in the sun and water we recommend they use

Keracaì to protect the hair from the sun’s harmful rays and to prevent Cysteine Complex from fading.



7. Can Cysteine Complex be used on children?

A: We recommend using Cysteine Complex on children 12 and over.


8. Can Cysteine Complex be used on pregnant women?

A: Though we have not experienced any problems, we recommend they consult with their doctor.


9. How long will Cysteine Complex last in the hair?

A: Aftercare and maintenance is essential to the life of the treatment.

Recommending MuruMuru AntiFrizz Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner along with Keracaì

will help extend the life of Cysteine Complex and protect their investment. Cysteine Complex lasts an average of 36 months.


10. Can I swim in the pool or in the ocean?

A: Let the product settle into the hair for the first 2 days.

Using the Keracai before you swim and while you tan in the sun will help protect the Cysteine from fading.

Keracai will also reconstruct the hair by protecting it from free radicals and the sun’s harmful rays.


11. Why should I use the MuruMuru shampoo and conditioner over other sulfate free shampoos and conditioners?

A: The MuruMuru Shampoo and condition are specifically formulated to work in conjunction with the Cysteine complex.

These products are infused with pure keratin.

Every time you shampoo your hair with the MuruMuru system, you are depositing a fine layer of Keratin on the hair, thus prolonging the life of the treatment.


12. Can I recommend the MuruMuru system to my clients that don’t do the Cysteine?

A: Yes. These products are great for everyone.

On hair treated with the Cysteine complex or any other Keratin Treatment, the MuruMuru helps prolong the life of your client’s investment.

On any other hair type, the fine layer of keratin deposited will coat the cuticle of the hair shaft, sealing the cuticle and providing a fizz free, luxurious finish.


13. What styling products can I use to blow dry my hair once I do the treatment?

A: We recommend using the keacai as a base product before applying any other styling product on the hair.

The Keracai creates a moisture barrier between alcohol based products such as mousse or gel and protects the hair from thermal styling.

Also, anytime you use keracai it deposits a fine layer of keratin to the hair, protecting and nourishing each hair strand and prolonging the life of your Cysteine Treatment.


14. Why would a client’s hair lighten during the Cysteine Complex?

A: The high PH of the Pure Shampoo works in conjunction with the low PH of the Cysteine Complex.

There are several reasons why the hair may go lighter.


15. Can Cysteine complex be applied on African American hair textures?

A: The Cysteine Complex works incredibly well on ethnic hair textures. Leaving the hair smooth, silky with luster and shine.


16. Why should I use the Cysteine Complex over any other Chemical treatment?

A: Cysteine Complex is a natural, effective, chemical free way of naturally restoring and transforming

chemically treated hair to a manageable, luxurious finish.

Cysteine Complex conditions, restores and transforms bringing vitality and shine to natural and chemically treated hair.

Stop the Chemical addiction and try our natural alternative, for a better earth and a greener YOU!


17. What hair types is Cysteine Complex best for?

A: Cysteine Complex is ideal for all hair types in need of a healthy frizzfree transformation!


18. Amount needed to be used:

For 473ml Amount used on people with Medium hair (14 to 16inc):

912 people


19. Hereunder you will find kits and what they consist of:

Smoothing Kit Cysteine GM 6pcs

Shampoo before PureClarify 473ml + Cysteine keratin 473ml

+ Smoothing shampoo + smoothing cream 250ml

+ Keracai care conditioner 250ml + 59ml Acai oil.

For 2530 applications. Smoothing duration 5/6 months.


Smoothing Kit Cysteine GM 4pcs

Shampoo before Pure Clarify 59ml+Cysteine keratin 59ml

+Smoothing shampoo 59ml+Care Conditioner 59ml.

For 36 applications. Smoothing duration 5/6months.


 Find links for Amazon videos and websites below. Interesting to watch and learn     

Beauty Centre Malta175, Carmel Street Fgura FGR 2107 Tel: 21 820112





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Lipstick Everyday

Trendy lipstick come and go, but one shade everyone should have in their makeup is their go-to lip color that’s perfect for everyday, in any season.

To find your most flattering shade first of all test how close the shade is to your natural color, find a color that is one shade deeper than your natural lip 1.Apply lipstick only to your lower lip. Compare that shade to the your upper lip. If the shades are drastically different, you need to keep looking. Remember that dark shades will actually make your lips look smaller, while lighter shades can add plumpness.Lipstick with a matte finish can also cause lips to look thinner, while glosses and shimmery shades can make them look fuller.


2.Choose a shades that experts recommend for your  skin tone. If you have  light skin, try light pink, coral, peach, nudes, or beige. If you have medium skin, try rose, mauve, or berry shades. For tan skin use colors with orange undertone. Try coral, or deep pink  3.Try on lipstick with little or no other makeup on your face. Look for a shade that, worn with no other make up, brightens your face and makes other makeup unnecessary





Postquam Lipstick Everyday

Continue reading Lipstick Everyday

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Vibrant Shampoo and Rainbow Deep Conditioner – making Crazy Color last Longer

As I’m sure you know, semi-permanent dyes will lose colour intensity after each wash. But the question is how to maintain your maximum Crazy Color® impact for the maximum length of time? Well, the team at Crazy Color® have heard your cries for a color miracle. The all new Vibrant Shampoo and Rainbow Deep Conditioner are a match made in color heaven. Let us breakdown your new revitalising hair hero’s:

Vibrant Shampoo

NEW Crazy Color® Vibrant Shampoo is designed to maintain vibrant hair color and is the perfect partner to Crazy Color® semi-permanent hair color cream.
Brand new Salt and Sulphate free formula is free of the harmful chemicals to ensure the healthiest results after every wash.Available in 4 vibrant shades, which means your chosen color match can be used across any shade of red, blue, pink and purple Crazy Color® shadesHelps to preserve the vibrancy of Crazy Color® with a hydrating formula which leaves strands clean without stripping away your color.
💖Rainbow Care Deep Conditioner New Crazy Color® Rainbow Care is a deep conditioner to help maintain the strength, shine and suppleness of bleached and colored hair.Infused with a unique protein blend, this formula works wonders on chemically damaged hair while gently removing any product build-up.
🔝Contains vitamin rich Sunflower Seed Oil and nourishing Brazil Nut OilFrequent use will help to seal and smooth the hair shaft for optimum color vibrancySalt and Sulfate free formula
As well as using the Crazy Color® Care range we also advise that you follow a few tips along the way that may just surprise you – some of them won’t even cost a penny!
💧Rinse hair with cold water, post shampooing. It closes the hair cuticles and seals in maximum colour. Shampoo as little as possible. Semi-permanents will lose colour after each wash so avoid over-washing hair. Bed head and grungy always gets a thumbs up from us. No sunbathing. Too much direct sunlight will strip all that edgy Crazy Color® right out.
Use systems designed to protect hair colour especially those with leave-in conditioing products.
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Sulfate Free Color Protect Hair Treatment

Hold on tight don’t let go – keep your colour for longer

Colour conditioning treatment to restore vibrancy and shine to hair.

  • Intensive colour conditioning treatment
  • Colour protect treatment mask to replace health and vibrancy to lacklustre hair
  • Smoothes each cuticle while maintaining strength and shine
  • Extract of Sunflower Seed Oil helps to protect natural, colour treated and highlighted hair

Achieve the Look

To thoroughly condition and restore colour. Apply to partially dried hair from roots to ends and leave for 3-5 minutes. For dry or over processed hair allow an extra 7-10 minutes before rinsing. Apply heat for maximum results..